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Run a Download

To run a download run simply run the sf_download download command specifying the SQL Server instance and database to download to.


Run a download
sf_download download -S myInstance -D myDB


Each time a download is run the current object and field metadata is pulled from Salesforce. This is compared with the last downloaded metadata to detect any new objects and fields, deleted objects and fields and any changed fields. New objects will be downloaded if they have data and the download new objects setting is enabled. New fields will be added to the download of their parent object. Deleted objects and fields will be excluded from the download. Changes to fields will be applied in SQL where possible. Next the download checks if any objects that were empty during the last download have rows and updates the object is empty flag in the metadata tables.

Depending on the integration method set, all data or all changed data since last download is extracted for all Salesforce objects included in the download. These data are loaded to the SQL tables that hold the current object data and the object history data (if using incremental integration). If this is the first time an object is being downloaded the required tables will be created. If any object fails to update correctly all changes to all object tables will be rolled back.