Salesforce Download

Download all your Salesforce data to SQL Server with a single command

Shetland SF Download provides a fast and reliable method to export your Salesforce objects to SQL Server. Specify a Salesforce source and a SQL Server target and the download will create and populate tables for every object on the Salesforce instance in a single step.

Extract Incrementally and Track Changes

Objects’ data can be downloaded in entirety or incrementally – just extracting new, changed and deleted records. When loading Incrementally a complete history of every object row is maintained allowing all changes to the objects data to be reported in SQL Server.

Automatically Manage Meta Data Changes

Changes to Salesforce meta data will be handled automatically. New SQL tables or columns will be created as new objects are defined or fields added in Salesforce. Deleted objects and fields will be excluded from downloads while retaining historical data. Changes to data types will be managed where possible. In addition a complete history of all meta data changes will be retained as part of the download process.

Manage Large Data Sets Fast

Objects can be downloaded via the Salesforce SOAP API or the Bulk Query API for larger objects. Using the Bulk Query method speeds of 10s of millions of rows per hour can be achieved.